Deaf Church

Servant’s Heart Jamaica is committed to bringing the Word of God to the Deaf in Jamaica.  The 2009 Joshua Project stated that the “evangelical church for the deaf community in Jamaica is growing at a stable pace. There are currently three deaf churches on the island, all with established pastors—two of  whom are deaf. However, there appears to be no other church plants and several major cities are without deaf churches or interpreted services. Middle-aged and older Jamaicans seem committed to attending church while the younger deaf people are less involved.”  Currently, we’ve identified three operating churches for the Deaf, one is located at the Deaf Village near the center of the Island, one in St. Elizabeth and a new church in Portmore near Kingston the capital city.  This leaves a large gap in reaching the Deaf for Christ on the Island. Servant’s Heart Jamaica is in the process of building a dedicated Deaf church to serve the Montego Bay area.

Vocational Education

In addition to our existing greenhouses and in conjunction with HATponics, SHJ has constructing sustainable agriculture solutions for education using Aquaponics. The goal is to do more than just provide food. SHJ is striving to provide a vocational educational opportunity which develops the skills necessary to duplicate a business model that can be implemented in any Parish on the island.

Beekeeping: Soon to be added to the vocational training program will be beekeeping.